Neck Rope

  • Diamond Braid Multifilament polypropylene Rope
  • Flexible but will not go limp.
  • Sold in 44″ lengths.
  • 5 Colors: White, blue, black, green & red

Product #4203

Welded Steel Chain

  • 1/0 twisted link welded steel chain with plated finish.
  • Sold in 40″ lengths, for use with neck tags.

Product #3354

E-Z Ring Fastener

  • Made of steel with plated finish.
  • Features open edge to make it easier to assemble.
  • Inside diameter 1 3/16″ and outside diameter 1 3/4″.

Product #1375

Tight Wound Ring

  • Made of steel with plated finish.
  • Same size as the E-Z ring – Doesn’t have a open edge.

Product #1350

V-Style Rope Fastener

  • Use V Fastener with ropes and any of our neck tags.
  • Rope is easy to attach to the V Fastener to secure neck tags in place

Product #478